2–4 June 2021, in association with the University of Bristol

This is a demo of the template repository for a public-facing hackathon website, built by the Jean Golding Institute at the University of Bristol.

For more information: view the README or the GitHub repository.

Event timeline

17 March 2021
Applications open for participants
16 April 2021
Applications close
2–4 June 2021
Hackathon date

Scientists from the University of Bristol are hosting a X-day hackathon on 2–4 June 2021, open to researchers, to…

Researchers can sign up to topics ranging from … to …, and more. Teams will be led by senior academics from a range of disciplines at the University of Bristol, but participating researchers can be from any UK academic institution. This opportunity is open to early career researchers(?).

Participation is open to researchers from any UK academic institution, and we encourage contributions from early career researchers(?), including PhDs and Postdocs.


The event will take place virtually, using a combination of video conferencing (Zoom) for meetings and seminars, and discussion forums (Slack) for ongoing comms. Data holding and analysis will take place on…


By the end of the event, we hope to…